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  • Offshore Trolling Charter – $200.00 per person
  • Offshore Bottom Fishing – $150.00 per person
  • Inshore Flat Fishing – $125.00 per person
  • Scenic River Cruises – $50.00 per person for 2 hoursan inshore fishing boat

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  • Boat Brokering
  • On water boat training 
  • Boat delivery
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We will fish as long as sea conditions are 2 to 3 feet. Trips will be canceled or rescheduled if

a flat boat


Have you been dreaming of participating in a bottom fishing trip? Are you interested in the activity and want to hire an experienced professional for the task? We are the right choice for you as we have been for countless local residents in from Fort Pierce to Jupiter FL since 1989. Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters has extensive expertise with all kinds of fishing trips, and with us at your side, you are sure tho have a wonderful experience.

Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters
Area served: from Fort Pierce to Jupiter, FL
Phone: (772) 340-7440
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We offer family discounts and very reasonable prices for all of our services. Everything from tackle to bait is included, and our fishing charter can be customized according to your individual preferences and needs. Our boats are fully prepared with all the latest advancements in electronic navigation and safety equipment and ready for a comfortable and pleasant off shore fishing trip.

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Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters always takes the weather conditions into account as we strive to provide our clients with a memorable and exciting trip. We can recommend extraordinary local fishing spots, and you can rely on our expertise and excellent charter boat condition for a great trip. Experience is key in this industry, and if you are looking for a truly reliable professional in from Fort Pierce to Jupiter FL, we are the right choice for you!

by Capt. George Hehner on Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters
Off Shore with Capt. Mark

I have a standing order with Capt. Mark. If he needs to fill a charter trip "give me a call". Last Tuesday I got the call and we traveled north from Ft. Pierce Inlet. Within 5 minutes of stopping we had a very large Mahi and a very large snapper. It was nonstop bottom fishing with mostly small stuff and then another big Mahi and big snapper. Mark has lots of quality rods and reels but I always bring my personal light tackle. This time I caught a large snapper on light tackle and live bait and we had to clear the deck. A real rod bender.What a day!!!!! WOWCapt. George

March 2016

This was trip number 5 with Capt. Mark. It was non stop bottom fishing with the trolling motor / GPS holding us right over the fish we could see on the fish finder. Today it was mostly Trigger Fish and Snappers but we had so many we threw most back. My arms and back are sore but it sure was fun. Top shelf electronics, a very quiet Honda engine and the GPS driven trolling motor made it a super day on the water. Sign me up for next year. Capt. George Hehner

by Richard Leyton on Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters
Best trip ever!

I had a really fun trip. Mark is a great captain and really knows the waters around Port Saint Lucie. The seas were too rough to have an enjoyable offshore bottom-fishing trip, so Mark and I fished the intercoastal waterways with an Inshore Flat Fishing trip instead. Because the wind and the chop made it too rough to use the hard chine flat bottom boat, we used the larger boat with the deep V shaped hull instead. I caught some ladyfish, a blue fish and a spotted sea trout. The ladyfish were especially fun as they are fast, good fighters and they jump a lot.The ride back was the icing on the cake, full throttle, pedal-to-the-metal. It was a blast, like riding a giant jet ski.I look forward to fishing with Mark next time I am near Port Saint Lucie.

Bottom Fishing

On Sunday 3/22/2015 in foggy conditions a total of four left the packed and busy stan blum launch site at 7:50 a.m. we were on a 24 foot charter fishing boat owned by capt. Mark Rosen past president of the pslac and this report contains enough information to perhaps create an urge for you members to get off your couches (das) and have a wonderful experience . Everything is expertly organized from the launching, radar, GPS, and all its features that include a bow auto controlled motor that replaces an anchor. All types of rods pre rigged and 6 different types of bait all cut and prepared, all one has to do is bring his catch to the surface. We targeted bottom fish which is my favourite and Patrick the youngest member of the club remarked after 30 minutes of catching -"this is the best day of my life" and his gratefulness showed as he scrubbed the entire deck down after we quit around 2 p.m.

The catch consisted of keeper lane snapper some of large size, 4 trigger fish and for myself 8 sand perch. The discards were sharks, small triggers, many, many vermillion snapper, pinfish, blue runners, among others and 100's of grunts.

Upon returning to my surprise we only had to wait 10 minutes to dock. the entire lot was filled to its capacity.

Now for the final- its well worth the time and money to observe capt. Mark as he fillets the catch. Never before even on head boats have I ever watched mates do such a masterful job as quickly and efficiently as he did.

Best Fishing Charter Choice

I fish with Captain Mark Rosen as often as I can. His boats are well equipped with electronics and equipment that quickly locates fish and keeps right on top of them. Captain Rosen is on top of his game and it shows.

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