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Have you been dreaming of participating in a bottom fishing trip? Are you interested in the activity and want to hire an experienced finishing charter Captain provider for the task? I earned a 100GT Coast Guard Captains License in 1989. Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters is the right choice for your dream fishing adventure! I have been serving the local residents in Port St Lucie, FL since 2006. Our crew has extensive expertise with all kinds of fishing trips, and with us at your side, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

We offer very reasonable prices for all of our services. We do everything for you, and you get a proficient fishing guide to tackle your individual preferences and needs. Our boat is fully prepared with all the latest advancements, electronic navigation, and safety equipment and ready for a comfortable and pleasant offshore fishing trip. We always take the weather and sea conditions into account to provide our clients with a memorable and exciting family fishing charter. Our weather policy is: Trips will be canceled or rescheduled if seas are larger than 2 to 3 feet or if there is a small craft weather advisory issued including the threat of thunderstorms.


1 person $250

2 people $400

3 People $600

4 people $700

A deposit is not required to schedule a trip. Trips can only be scheduled by phone at 609 558 5858. Trips can be scheduled as early as 6 months ahead of time and as late as the day before.

For extraordinary local fishing spots, you can rely on our expertise and excellent charter boat condition for every trip. Experience is key in this industry, and if you are looking for a truly reliable professional team in Port St Lucie, FL, do not hesitate to contact Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters today!

Fishing Trip
Fishing Trip
Fishing Trip

Client Testimonials

by John and Jessica S. on Port St. Lucie Fishing Charters
We Appreciate Your Help!

Thank you for your assistance with our romantic fishing charter. Sailing with such experts who know all about the sea and fish was an enormous pleasure. Thank you for all the guidance and useful information you gave us. Recommended! 

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